Tuesday, August 23, 2016

and oh, what if you are wrong?

just in case you are NOT
in·fal·li·ble (God-like)
adjective: infallible
incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.

never failing; always effective
OK, denial is a wonderful justification (for the time being)

I have no address

When Sarah graduated from HS her mom told her that she was now an adult and needed to start fending for herself. Mom was not a mean mom. Mom had carried the entire weight of keeping the family together since Sarah was 4 yrs old when Daddy pursued interests that required less effort. Mom was just a few dollars above the poverty cut off level from qualifying for food stamps since child support was part of the calculation. However, the $20 support here and there for her younger brother and her, now and then, kept the family in deep poverty. Sarah made up her mind not to remain "white trash". She was experienced in survival and determined to make it.
Living out of her car, collecting student loan debt for three years, she tried to find a way to graduate by talking to school counselors who really had no creative way or interest to help her stay in school. She sold her car-home for parts. The School took the money, however, it was not enough to activate her badge to go to classes or to her student-job at the school. Actually, the school sent her account to collection and harassed her merciless for being at risk and not having an address.
Mom was devastated with guilt and eventually got enough money together to send a Greyhound bus ticket to bring Sarah home. (We have pictures!) Dad and his family just spit on Sarah as "a ploy to extort money" from them.
To all of you out there:
Homeless Students... speak out! Ask your School to provide a free mailbox to stabilize homeless students... and a pantry. 

Imagine your life without an address.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

To all who cared

Mecklenburg County opportunities

From now till August 23, donations of school supplies can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm in the lobby of the Cornelius Police Department, 21440 Catawba Avenue.
On Friday, August 26, officers will deliver all the donated items among the four Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in Cornelius; Cornelius Elementary, J.V. Washam Elementary, Bailey Middle School, and W.A. Hough High School.

will enable at risk children to attend Summer Camp for a week

Thursday, August 4, 2016

free furniture in the Denver, CO area

*We just got a new donation of an entire bedroom set. The only thing is you will need to go get it by this weekend. 
It's a 2015 American Furniture double bed with box spring and is in very nice condition. It also comes with a wood head board, dresser and night stand.
This stuff always goes VERY quick so please respond quickly. 

*Free Rocking Chair
Great for a porch or give it a coat of paint and use it inside.
Height is 43" at the back.

Chair is out by garage door, come get it!
4163 South Deframe Court

*Free couch in front of
18203 E Lehigh Pl
Aurora, co 80013

*1 amazing piano, 1 great leather couch, 2 recliners, 1 TV entertainment center, 1 twin bed w/box spring. Everything is in great shape! One recliner has a tear on the leg rest. All items are on the back side of the house in the sun room. Free for pick up whenever!! The piano is inside the house and will need to schedule a pick up time. These items must go

*Free Round Glass Table and Office Chair 
 (16142 Hollyridge Dr., Parker, CO.)